Safety in public spaces

Know what to do to keep safe when you are in a large crowd.

Be safe

Minneapolis is a vibrant city. One with many public events for you to attend. It's important to be safe when in a crowd.

You many find yourself in the middle of:

  • A large crowd
  • A mass assembly
  • A protest or march
  • Civil unrest

Take action

Learn what to do if you are outside

Learn what to do if you are inside

Crowd of protestors outside of Minneapolis City Hall

What to do if you are outside

Protect yourself in a crowd

If you are in a crowd where you feel unsafe, remember these tips.

You should:

  • Try to move towards the edge of the crowd if possible.
  • Keep your head and body protected.
  • If you fall, curl into a ball to protect your head and neck.
  • As soon as you can, get back on your feet and move to a safer location.

Use the resources to learn more

Avoid confrontation

 Staying level-headed is crucial if you get caught in the middle of a disturbance.

You should:

  • Remain calm.
  • Avoid acting aggressively.
  • Keep your emotions in check.
  • Try to maintain a non-confrontational attitude.

Protect yourself when driving

If you are driving near a disturbance, you should never drive through a crowd.

Here is how to stay safe:

  • If you find yourself in the path of a crowd, turn down the nearest side road, turn around, and drive away calmly.
  • If you cannot drive away, park the car, lock it, and leave it. Move to a safe area such as in a side street or doorway.
  • If you don’t have time for this, stop and turn the engine off. Lock the doors and remain calm. Be sure not to show hostility or anger.

What to do if you are inside

Stay inside if possible

If you notice any disturbances or violence happening near the building where you are, it's best to stay inside. 

Follow these tips:

  • Stay away from windows or the lobby.
  • Lock all doors and secure any sensitive areas.
  • Use the preparedness plan provided by the building management.

If it feels unsafe, given the options of fleeing or defending a home, it is better to leave. Nothing is worth putting yourself or loved ones at risk. Try to remain calm and avoid getting involved in confrontations.

Have an emergency plan

Plan ahead. Create an emergency plan you and your family can follow if there’s a need to leave your home.

The plan should include:

  • A prearranged place to meet during disturbances.
  • Have an overnight bag ready when there is a threat of unrest.

Use the resources to make a plan

Community groups

Neighborhood groups

Community groups help keep things calm in neighborhoods.  These groups are often called:

  • Neighborhood watch groups
  • Neighborhood or precinct block clubs

What they do

  • Track the potential threats.
  • Communicate about risks as they happen.
  • Report suspicious activity to authorities.
  • Share best practices to enhance community safety.

What they should not do

  • Display or use firearms or other weapons.
  • Take the law into their own hands.
  • Spread rumors or misinformation.

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