Neighborhood Revitalization Program Funds

We explain how to use your remaining Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) funds to implement neighborhood plans.


The City stopped funding the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) fund in 2011.

Some neighborhood organizations still have unused NRP funds from previous years.

If you have unused funds, contact your neighborhood specialist to find out how you can use them.

Read about the history of the City's NRP fund




A neighborhood plan identifies investments that residents believe will:

  • Meet their neighborhood's most critical needs 
  • Engage community members
  • Yield improvements

As neighborhoods grow and change, plans may need to be adjusted or modified.

If you want to adjust your plan:

  • Contact your neighborhood specialist
  • Review your current plan
  • Follow our plan adjustment guidelines
  • Complete the Neighborhood plan adjustment request form

Use this tool to find your current plan

Start a plan modification

NRP Policy Board

The NRP Policy Board oversees the program and approves NRP funding plan changes. These changes are called plan modifications.

This board meets every three months. People on this board serve a two-year term.

The board has representatives from:

  • The mayor
  • City Council president
  • Park and Recreation Board
  • Board of Education
  • Hennepin County Board of Commissioners
  • State House of Representatives
  • State Senate
  • Neighborhoods

Minneapolis neighborhood organizations elect eight people for the board every two years.

See board member list

Look up your NRP Policy Board district

Learn how NRP Policy Board elections work

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