Run for the board

Find out who can run for seat on your neighborhood organization's board and how to get started.


Any resident can run for their neighborhood organization board.

Some organizations also allow people who own or work in neighborhood businesses to run.


The length of a board term varies by organization.

No one can serve on a board for more than six years.


All organizations call for nominations at the annual meeting.

Many organizations prefer that you contact them before the board meeting to:

  • Let them know you plan to run for a board seat.
  • Complete paperwork.


Board elections take place at each organization's annual meeting.

  • Annual meeting dates vary by organization. 
  • Some organizations hold their annual meeting on the second Saturday in May, known as Neighborhood Election Day.
  • Each organization posts its annual meeting date on its website.

Contact your neighborhood organization for more details

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Get involved

Contact your neighborhood organization. Ask how you can help.

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