Sewer issue

You can report various sewer issues.

What to do

Call Minneapolis Sewer Operations 

  • If sewage is overflowing from a manhole
  • If an unknown substance is flowing into a storm drain
  • If you smell sewer odors or gases in the street

When you call, provide as much detail as possible.

We'll send a crew out to investigate.

  • The crew will assess the situation at your property at no charge. 
  • If they determine the blockage causing the backup is in the City-owned sanitary sewer pipe, they'll fix the problem. 
  • If the blockage causing the backup is in your private sanitary lateral, you may need to contact a professional drain cleaning service.

Call Minneapolis Sewer Operations 

Call 911

  • If you smell natural gas.
  • If you suspect a hazardous spill.
  • If you notice any other potentially explosive situation.

Stay clear of the area and do not try to deal with a spill yourself. 911 will contact Minneapolis Sewer Operations directly. 

Contact 311

  • If you have a sewer backup.
  • If water is gushing out of a storm drain. In heavy rain, a storm drain may fill up and water pressure or trapped air can blow the manhole or storm drain cover off. Stay clear of the area until we've fixed it.
  • If grass clippings or leaves are blocking a sewer. We'll send a Minneapolis Sewer Operations crew to clear the storm drain.
  • For other non-urgent issues.

Contact Minneapolis 311

Causes of sanitary sewer backups

  • Most backups occur when the sanitary lateral gets clogged with roots that have grown into a cracked or broken sanitary lateral.
  • Backups may also be caused by:
    • A sanitary sewer pipe being in poor condition
    • Natural conditions, such as the ground moving
    • Higher than normal amounts of rain
    • Misuse of the sewer system in your home

After the cleanup of a sanitary sewer backup on your property

  • Consider hiring a professional cleaning company to make sure no health hazards exist.
  • The property owner can submit a claim for damages and other costs related to the back-up.

Storm drains

You can help keep our storm drains clean by joining the Adopt-a-Drain program.

Join the Adopt-A-Drain

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Minneapolis Sewer Operations



Contact 311 for non-urgent issues


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Minneapolis 311


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