Dowling Ave N reconstruction and areaway removal

The City will rebuild several streets as part of the Upper Harbor project.

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Dowling Ave. N. from Lyndale Ave. N. to 33rd Ave. N., from 2nd St. N. to the river in north Minneapolis

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Project overview

The Dowling Reconstruction Project has two parts:

  • The Upper Dowling project includes Dowling Ave N from Lyndale Ave to Washington Ave.
  • The Lower Dowling project includes Dowling Ave N from Washington Ave to W. River Rd N, 33rd Ave N from 2nd St N to the Mississippi River and Phase 1 of W. River Rd N.


Contact the project team:

Upper Dowling team - Ahmed Omar; Nguyen Nguyen

Lower Dowling team - Michael Richie; John Benjamin


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Project schedule

Both projects are scheduled to begin in the spring 2023.

Traffic impacts

Update for Upper Dowling Ave N:

Phase 1 (east of the TH 94 bridge)

  • The entrance and exit on/off of westbound I-94 to/from Dowling Avenue and east of TH-94 opened September 1, 2023.

Phase 2 (west of the TH 94 bridge)

  • The entrance and exit on/off of eastbound I-94 to/from Dowling Avenue and Lyndale & Dowling Ave intersection to west TH-94 will be closed from September 5, 2023 until mid-November 2023.
  • The sidewalk, bike trail, and boulevard restoration will be completed in the spring 2024.


Expect the following traffic impacts:

Residents, businesses, and visitors may face the following:

  • Noise 
  • Vibration
  • Dust in work areas

Project phase

This project is currently in progress.



In Progress


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Upper Harbor redevelopment

Learn more about Upper Harbor's redevelopment.

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Ahmed Omar

Construction Engineer
Public Works



Nguyen Nguyen

Chief Field Inspector
Public Works



Michael Richie

Construction Engineer

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John Benjamin

Engineering Technician III
Public Works