7th. Street bus only lane

Metro Transit and the City installed a bus lane on 7th Street between 1st Ave. North and Chicago Ave. in downtown.

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October 2021


7th Street between 1st Avenue North and Chicago Avenue

Downtown West Elliot Park

Project overview

Metro Transit and the City installed a bus lane on 7th Street between 1st Avenue North and Chicago Avenue in downtown.

7th street is a key downtown transit corridor. It services communities in both North and South Minneapolis with a combination of

  • Bus rapid transit (BRT)
  • Local service
  • Express service

Currently the METRO C Line and seven other routes travel along 7th Street. The METRO D Line is scheduled to begin service in 2022.

Bus lanes work to help the City make progress towards its mode shift goal and climate goal.

See Minneapolis Streets 2030

Project resources

7th Street bus lane project summary

Downtown 7th St bus lane information presentation

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Project phase

City crews have finished installing the bus only lanes.



In Progress


7th street bus only lane
7th street bus only lane

Bus only lanes program

We've partnered with Metro Transit to install and pilot bus only lanes across the City.

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