Bus only lanes

You can learn about the bus only lanes in the City.

Bus only lanes helps us meet our goals

We've partnered with Metro Transit to install and pilot bus only lanes across the City.

Bus only lanes help

  1. improve the speed of buses
  2. makes transit more reliable for customers

Transportation Action Plan goals

To reach Transportation Action Plan City policies and goals:

  • We'll test and install bus only lanes on transit corridors.
  • Bus only lanes will expand into a network of permanent infrastructure across the city.
  • Mode shift and climate goals

Bus lanes work to help the City make progress towards its mode shift goal.

This goal is to have three out of every five trips taken by:

  • walking
  • bicycling
  • or transit

This would also help us achieve the City's climate goals.

How bus only lanes help us meet our goals

Bus lanes are a cost-effective way to meet our goals. It does this by:

  • increasing the capacity and efficiency of the street to move more people
  • makes transit more enjoyable
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Bus only lane projects

View the current and recently completed bus only lane projects.
Bus only lane monday - friday

Past bus lane projects

You can see the bus only lane projects we've already completed.

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