38th & Chicago Re-envisioned

The City is working with the community to re-envision the intersection of 38th & Chicago. We are engaging with the community to redesign and reconstruct this area.

Key information


2021 - 2023


38th St. & Chicago Ave. in South Minneapolis

Bancroft Bryant Central Powderhorn Park

Project overview

The project

Public Works staff plan to reconstruct the intersection of 38th & Chicago.

In 2022, we began a process to engage with the community. Through this process, we intend to re-envision and redesign the area in a way that reflects community needs. We recognize that there is a strong desire an intentional, robust, and honest community engagement process. This is a significant opportunity for us all to define the future of 38th & Chicago.

In 2020, George Perry Floyd Jr. was murdered at 38th & Chicago, forever changing the intersection and surrounding community. This area is known as George Perry Floyd Square (GFS), and it has evolved beyond its original roadway design.

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Engagement goals

  • Allow for racial healing
  • Honor the voices of the Black Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) community
  • Develop community relationships
  • Work together with the community to make decisions about the project
  • Lead an engagement process to work and learn together with the community

Design goals

  • Redesign the street to reflect community needs
  • Include space within the public right-of-way (ROW) for community use
  • Explore transit and pedestrian design options
  • Maintain access for residents and businesses
  • Include trees and native plants

Community engagement

Open house on June 13, 2023

Join us as we share ideas we've received from the community and gather more insights about 38th and Chicago.

  • Tuesday, June 13, 2023
  • 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
  • Phelps Park indoor gym, 701 East 39th St, Minneapolis
  • Light snacks will be provided


Ongoing engagement

We continue to engage the community.

Find a summary of engagement activities and feedback on our project resources page.

Visit our project resource page

Community Co-creation Team

The Community Co-creation Team (CCT) consists of community stakeholders.

The CCT and the Public Works project team will jointly a recommended final design concept for the intersection of 38th & Chicago.

Background and history

Read more about the history of George Perry Floyd Square and the 38th & Chicago intersection.

Project phase

This project is currently gathering input.



In Progress


Intersection of 38th St E & Chicago Ave S (orientation: northeast)

Contact us

Nathan Koster

Transportation Planning Manager

Public Works