Residential buildings

You can apply for up to $14,000 in funds to reduce your building's energy use. Residential buildings are single family and 2- to 4-unit properties.


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We offer a 0% interest loan plus grant program for:

  • Owners of single family and 2- to 4-unit buildings
  • Making energy saving improvements

We partner with the Center for Energy and Environment to:

  • Reduce the loan interest rate to 0%
  • Provide a City match to reduce the out-of-pocket cost of your energy saving improvement(s).

Apply for funding


What to know


Eligible applicants

Property must meet these criteria

  • Is located in the City of Minneapolis.
  • Has an existing owner of a:
    • Single family or 2-to 4-unit building or
    • Non-owner-occupied residential property, such as:
      • Individual townhomes
      • Twin-homes
      • Condominiums
      • Properties held in a trust

Loan applicants must meet these criteria

  • Be legal residents of the United States.
  • Have had a Home Energy Squad (HES) visit or a TISH Energy Disclosure Report in the last three years.

Properties that do not meet these criteria

  • Properties with more than four units
  • Cooperatives
  • Manufactured homes
  • Properties used for commercial purposes
  • New construction

Eligible projects

Your project must

  • Be listed in the required minimum energy efficiency guidelines table.
  • Meet the criteria listed in in the required minimum energy efficiency guidelines table.
  • Qualify for an Xcel or CenterPoint utility rebate.

Other criteria

  • Grants, matches and rebates cannot exceed your total project cost.
  • You must complete all work within 120 days of loan closing.
  • The Center for Energy and Environment will give loans based on:
    • Credit report score or other criteria, or both
    • Underwriting guidelines
  • An eligible insulation and air sealing project without a loan:
    • Can receive a bonus rebate from the City
    • Must use a rebate-eligible contractor for the project


City match

Gray house on 34th and York

Incentives for City match

  • 0% interest loans up to:
    • $5,000 for loan terms up to 36 months
    • $10,000 for five-year loans
    • $15,000 for seven-year loans
    • $20,000 for 10-years loans
  • The city match based on:
    • The total cost of the project
    • The incentive tier for which you qualify

See tier descriptions

Category Maximum match
Tier 1 10% up to $3,000
Tier 2 30% up to $6,000
Tier 3 70% up to $14,000

Incentive categories

Base category

Tier 1

  • All 1-4-unit applicants not in the other categories

Tier 2

  • Applicants with a household income between 80%-150% Area Median Income and not in a Green Zone

Tier 3

  • Applicants in a Green Zone or with a household income less than 80% Area Median Income.

Income is based on adjusted gross annual income from the most recent Federal Tax Return.

Minimum guidelines


  • AFUE - Annual fuel utilization efficiency
  • ECM - Electronically commutated motor
  • EER2 - Energy efficiency ratio
  • HSFP2 - Heating seasonal performance factor
  • SEER2 - Seasonal energy efficiency rating
Attic insulation and air sealing ≥ R-50 or maximum possible.
Wall insulation ≥ R-10 or maximum possible
Rim joist insulation Guideline is on a case-by-case basis.
Air Source Heat Pumps

Central: 15.2 SEER2 (10 EER2), HSFP2 8.1

Mini-Splits: 16 SEER2 (9.0 EER2), HSFP2 9.5

Packaged: 15.2 SEER2 (10.0 EER2), HSFP2 8.1


95% AFUE or higher with ECM motor

Only eligible with a dual fuel “hybrid” system

Heat Pump Electric Water Heaters Energy STAR certified

Eligible if:

  • There are no air sealing and insulation recommendations, or
  • Applicant completes recommendations as a part of the loan.
Health and safety issues required to complete eligible project(s)
  • Combustion Safety
  • Radon
  • Asbestos
  • Knob and tube wiring
  • Ventilation and bath fans

Get started

The first thing you should do is schedule an energy audit.

  • We recommend scheduling the audit at least one month before the application is due.

Helpful organizations

Contact one of these organizations for help:

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