Visit Peoples Way

We explain how to enjoy and use the space.

What to know


Parking is not allowed at Peoples Way. Keeping people safe while in this space is important. The City plans to the block the entrances with planters in August.

Get information for parking on city streets


Planned events and vendors are allowed at Peoples Way.  Both require permits. 

To inquire about hosting an event at Peoples Way, contact Phil Schliesman   

Fire in fire pit

Recreational fires

Recreational fires are allowed at Peoples Way.

Environmental assessment

Soil test

  • The City checked the property for soil contamination.
  • The assessment found diesel fuel soil contamination about 8-10 feet below the surface.

The name of the test the City performed is called a limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).

Risk to visitors

It is unlikely that people on the site will come into contact with it.


The City did not investigate all possible environmental risks. The City can't say for sure there are no environmental risks on the site. 

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