Arts, culture and events

Community artists are doing inspirational work in the area.

3rd Annual Rise & Remember events

Remembrance events, led by the George Floyd Global Memorial, take place May 25 - 27.

The 38th & Chicago area

The area includes George Perry Floyd Square, Peoples Way, and the Thirty-Eighth Street Cultural District.

Adding new public art

Symbolic raised fist protest sculpture in the intersection where George Floyd died.


Groups involved

  • Artists
  • Residents
  • The George Floyd Global Memorial (GFGM) organization
  • The City of Minneapolis Public Art Program



We will consider future public art as part of the design for:

  • The intersection of 38th & Chicago
  • Peoples Way

Related information

Hosting events

Sound of Blackness George Floyd Square



  • We support public events that promote racial justice.
  • Some grant money is available through the City's Creative Response Fund. 

Apply for a grant

The Ward 8 Community Benevolence Fund awards grants for projects that have a positive impact on the 38th and Chicago area.

Contact us

Alexander Kado

Office of Public Service





City Hall
350 Fifth St. S., Room 301M
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Office hours

8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Monday – Friday

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George Perry Floyd Square at 38th & Chicago