Here's how to get your lost or stolen bicycle back.

We help find bicycle owners

  • We compare recovered bicycles to descriptions of bicycles reported lost or stolen. When we find a match, we contact the bicycle owner.
  • If you have filed a police report, we can search our database  for bicycles that match your lost or stolen bicycle.
  • To ask about recovered bicycles, contact us.

How to locate and reclaim your bicycle

What to do

  • Contact us to see if we have your bicycle.
  • Pick up your bicycle from the Police Property and Evidence Unit.
  • You'll need a valid state identification card or driver's license, a police report filed with the Minneapolis Police Department, and proof of ownership, such as:
    • A purchase receipt
    • A serial, registration or Operation Identification (OPID) number
    • A photo of the owner and the bike

Register your bicycle

You have a better chance of getting your bicycle back if you register your bicycle.

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