Closed captioning

Learn how the City close captions meetings.


Minneapolis provides in-person, real-time video captioning for its broadcast meetings.

Captioning helps everyone, including:

  • People who are deaf and/or hard-of-hearing
  • The aging community
  • English language learners

Captioning is done by professionals who can provide more context, and fewer errors than automated systems.

You'll find captions on video broadcast on Comcast 14 or 799, and on our YouTube videos.

StreamText captions

We provide three live StreamText viewing web options. All provide the same experience. These can be used with StreamText real-time text players.

View StreamText 1

View StreamText 2

View StreamText 3

If you need assistance

If you require help in order to fully participate in a meeting, please contact 311 at least 5 days prior to the meeting.