May 25, 2020 officer-involved death

Public data gathered by the Minneapolis Police Department related to the May 25, 2020 officer-involved death.

About redactions

Redactions have been applied per Minnesota Government Data Practices Act 13.82 and USC 18, section 2725.


911 Call Transcripts from May 25, 2020

Officers involved in incident

Note about Officer complaints and discipline

Employee Complaint Profile Cards are also known as MPD Officer Blue Cards. These are summaries of complaints. These complaints are investigated either solely by the MPD’s Internal Affairs Unit (IAU),or jointly by IAU and the Minneapolis Civil Rights Department through the Office of Police Conduct Review (OPCR). Employee Complaint Profile Cards do not include complaints investigated by the Civilian Review Authority, the predecessor to OPCR, which existed until 2012. 

Limited complaint data is available to the public, under MN Statutes 13.43 Personnel Data. The outcome of the complaint determines how much information about the complaint is available. The number and status of complaints is public and other details are only public if two things are true: there was a final result (meaning the case and any arbitration is closed) AND the final outcome results in discipline.

The range of disciplinary actions can be found in the Minneapolis Police and Procedure Manual.

Officer discipline files are retained for the period required by the City’s retention schedule. For example, Sustained Case Files are retained for seven years after the case is closed. In contrast, Critical Incidents and Serious Force/Injury by Officers are retained permanently.

See the PBS-55 Series Code in the City’s retention schedule

A summery of Officer Derek Chauvin’s discipline is included in his Public Personnel File, on page 74-79. The investigative file referenced on those pages was destroyed in accordance with the City’s retention schedule.

Body Camera, Street Camera, and Squad Camera Footage

Body worn camera and other video evidence collected in this incident are part of an active investigation by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. While the investigation and any subsequent prosecution or appeal are active, this data is not available to the public and it will not be posted here.

More details about the classification of body worn camera data and other video involved in an active investigation is available in Minn. Stat. section 13.82, subdivision 7, Minn. Stat. section 13.825, and MN Department of Administration Advisory Opinion 20-004.