Records retention schedules

You can see the types of records maintained by the City and the length of time the City must legally keep the records.


 A retention schedule is a document that lists records that are created and received by the City. It then identifies how long the record must be kept.

The City has three retention schedules to help departments identify and schedule their records. They should be considered in this order:


Department Retention Schedule

Some departments have their own specific schedules. These schedules are organized by function and include cross references to the General Retention Schedule when necessary.

See the Department Retention Schedule


Minneapolis General Retention Schedule

The General Retention Schedule provide uniform guidelines for the definition, retention, and destruction of common records found throughout the City.

See the City of Minneapolis General Retention Schedule


General Retention Schedules for Cities

The state publishes a General Records Retention Schedule for Minnesota Cities. It sets minimum retention periods for city records based on their administrative, fiscal, legal, and historical value. It lists records series common to cities and identifies how long to retain them.

The General Records Retention Schedule for Cities is published by Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers Association of Minnesota.

See the General Records Retention Schedule for Minnesota Cities

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