Police Department policies

You can read Police Department policies and give feedback online and in person.


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The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) is making major changes to:

  • Its mission, vision, values and goals
  • Many of its policies

What to know:

  • The settlement agreement provides the framework for change.
  • The changes are meant to promote trust between MPD and the communities it serves.
  • The City must make the changes set forth in the settlement agreement.

The community will have an opportunity to give feedback on police policies.

Watch this video about the MPD's Implementation Unit and community engagement sessions (Total length 1:34)

Policy categories

  • Mission, vision, values and goals
  • Use of force
  • Non-discriminatory and impartial policing
  • Stops, searches and arrests


The policies are written to give officers clear guidance about:

  • What conduct is permitted
  • How to apply discretion
  • How supervisors and others should assess compliance with the policies

Policy into action

  • Approved policies inform MPD training.
  • These policies become effective after training is completed.
  • MPD employees must follow the policies.

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