We explain the role of the independent evaluator and the process to hire one.


The City and MDHR will select an independent evaluator. We will follow a process set forth in the court-enforceable settlement agreement.

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The role of the independent evaluator

The independent evaluator will:
  • Fairly and efficiently evaluate how the City carries out the terms of the settlement agreement
  • Move the City into compliance
The independent evaluator will also:
  • Review and approve MPD’s policies and plans
  • Engage with City partners on changes needed to establish compliance
  • Develop measures and metrics to assess the City’s progress
  • Provide technical help on initiatives
  • Report on the City’s progress

Required expertise for the independent evaluator

The settlement agreement requires that the independent evaluator has certain expertise and experience. This includes:
  • Expertise in modern law enforcement practices and large-city policing
  • Experience working well with diverse communities on issues of public safety
  • Expertise in:
    • Transforming policing culture
      • Policies
      • Accountability structures in civil rights and in data analysis
      • Civil rights
      • Data analysis
    • Monitoring and oversight
    • Developing new processes for supervisors to increase accountability
    • Creating reports or other written materials for diverse audiences on complex topics
The independent evaluator also must:
  • Understand that non-discriminatory policing creates a stronger public safety system
  • Act with standards of integrity
  • Show professionalism and respect in all interactions with:
    • Community members
    • MPD officers
    • All others

The request for proposals process

The City posted a request for proposals (RFP) for an independent evaluator on May 10, 2023.

  • Proposals are due by Oct. 25, 2023, at 2:00 p.m.
  • You can view the RFP on the City's bidding opportunities page. Scroll down to the event named RFP_Independent Evaluator. View RFP
  • The City posted answers to questions about the RFP as an addendum to the event in the eSupplier portal.

About the selection process

  • The City and MDHR will review the candidates and agree on a group to interview. Selections will be based on factors including: 
    • Quality, thoroughness and clarity of a proposal 
    • Strength of proposed plan 
    • Experience and qualifications of proposed independent evaluator team members 
  • Following the interviews, the City and MDHR will agree on finalists. The finalists will appear at two public meetings to make a presentation to the public. The presentation will include:
    • Information about the members of their team and the team members’ backgrounds
    • Proposed methodologies for evaluating compliance and implementation
    • Their community engagement plan
  • The finalists will have a chance to answer questions from members of the community. The community input provided at the public meetings will be taken into account by the City and MDHR in selecting the independent evaluator.
  • From the finalists, MDHR and the City will select an independent evaluator.
  • The contract with the independent evaluator must begin within four months from the day the court approves the agreement.


Under terms of the agreement, the budget for the independent evaluator will be up to $1.5 million each year.