Property owners who disagree with our classification and valuation can appeal.

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Appeal timeline

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It is now time to appeal

  • Valuation notices mailed on March 15.
  • Call your Assessor as soon as possible if you have concerns about your assessment.
  • Changes can be made by the Assessor up to 10 days prior to the Local Board.
  • Any assessment changes after April 6 must be heard by the Local Board.
  • The Local Board of Appeal and Equalization will begin on April 17.

Submit your appeal application before the Board meets on April 17

How to appeal

Appeal to the Local Board

  • Contact the assessor named on your valuation notice. Most issues can be resolved at this level.
  • If you and the assessor do not come to an agreement, you can appear before the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization (LBAE).

Appeal to the County Board or Minnesota Tax Court

  • You can appear before the Hennepin County Board of Appeal and Equalization. You must first appear before the Local Board.
  • You may also appeal to Minnesota Tax Court. You have until April 30 of the year in which taxes are payable to file an appeal. 

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Visit Minnesota Department of Revenue to read about the appeal process

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