Nomination review process

The process to review places for local designation takes a year. It ends with a final decision by the City Council.


Starting event

The process is started when

  • Someone nominates a building or area, or 
  • The Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) denies an application to demolish a building.

Nominations can come from

  • HPC Commissioner
  • City Councilmember
  • Mayor
  • Planning director
  • Anyone with legal or equitable interest in the property

Get details about submitting a nomination

If we deny your application for demolition, you can appeal

Get a heritage preservation appeal application

First public hearing

City staff review and recommend

City staff:

  • Review the nomination or application for demolition
  • Make a recommendation to the HPC

The HPC:

  • Reviews the nomination or denies an application for demolition

  • Directs City staff to conduct a designation study

  • Places the property or area under interim protection until the process is complete

Note: Denying demolition can only lead to the study of an individual property, not an area.

Designation study

City staff or consultants research the property

The goal of the study is to determine if the property or area meets the criteria for local designation.

See the criteria in the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances, Chapter 599


Review and comment

SHPO looks at the report

Second public hearing

HPC invites public comment

  • HPC holds a public hearing to review the study.
  • Members of the public can speak for or against the designation.
  • HPC makes a recommendation to the City Council.
Committee review

A council committee reviews the designation

The City Council's Business, Inspections, Housing and Zoning Committee:

  • Discusses the designation
  • Submits a recommendation to the City Council

Read about the Business, Inspections, Housing and Zoning Committee

Final decision

City Council makes its decision

If the City Council approves the designation

  • The proposed landmark or historic district is established.
  • The City reviews physical changes to the property or area.
  • Exterior alterations to the property or area must be approved by the City.
  • In some instances, interior alterations require City approval.

If the City Council denies the designation

  • The decision is final.
  • There is no opportunity to appeal.
  • The property is not a landmark or historic district.

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