Ethics violation

You can report a violation of the Ethics in Government code.

What to do

Our Ethics Code promotes high ethical standards and behavior throughout City government.

To make a complaint

Your ethics complaint must:

  • Describe a specific violation of the Ethics in Government code
  • Be filed within one year of the alleged violation. If the violation began more than a year ago but continued to a time within the past year, the City may consider the complaint.
  • Include specific facts and supporting documentation

Note that the law excludes complaints about the aspiration sections of the Code (15.10, 15.20, 15.130, and 15.180).

How the City will respond

  • Complaints about employees, except department heads, are handled by the department.
  • The Ethical Practices Board handles complaints about:
    • Elected officials
    • Department heads
    • Appointed non-employee local officials

Contact us

Susan Trammell

Ethics Officer
City Attorney's Office




City Hall
350 S. Fifth St., Room 210
Minneapolis, MN 55415