City Council approves contract for demolition project on the Public Works Hiawatha Campus

January 26, 2023

Today, the Minneapolis City Council approved the contract for demolition of the Roof Depot building at the site of the proposed Hiawatha Campus Expansion Project. The $1.6 million contract authorizes Rachel Contracting LLC to provide all materials, labor, equipment, and incidentals for construction services for this City of Minneapolis project.

The Hiawatha Campus Expansion Project in south Minneapolis is a collaborative plan that will consolidate City water distribution operations at one central site, create a City-led job training facility, and designate 35% of the site for community use and development.

The City will complete environmental remediation of the entire site and East Phillips Neighborhood Institute (EPNI) has been offered two years of exclusive development rights for 3 acres of the total site through an amended memorandum of understanding agreement, which also was approved by the Council today.

The Hiawatha Campus Expansion Project will support the City’s ability to provide essential services to its residents and businesses. The expansion consists of the relocation and consolidation of the Public Works Water Distribution Maintenance and Meter Shop operation from three sites to a centrally located facility next to the existing Hiawatha Maintenance Facility located at 1901 E. 26th St.

The City-led job training facility provides opportunities for collaboration with community and labor organizations to provide pathways to high quality jobs with the City and partner organizations. The opportunities will include prioritization of applications from residents within a 2-mile radius of the location.

Learn more about the contract for demolition.