Keep sidewalks, garbage and recycling carts, fire hydrants clear of snow and ice

January 12, 2023

Please clear your sidewalk of snow and ice all winter to keep Minneapolis accessible for everyone. In Minneapolis, around 10-15 snow events each year from freezing rain to blizzards cover sidewalks with snow or ice and make it difficult to pass. Many in our city rely on the sidewalks to get to work, school, errands, appointments and more.

One- and two-family dwellings have 24 hours after the snow stops to clear their sidewalks. All other properties must have clear sidewalks within four hours. If you don’t clear your sidewalk, you could get a warning letter and bill from the City to remove snow from your sidewalk. A typical bill is $229.

Resources are available for people who are unable to shovel or clear their sidewalks. Several for-hire contractors and a few nonprofit organizations can help. If you need help, you can call 311 to find the best match in your area.

Visit the City website for more information and resources or to report an issue.

You can check the status of uncleared sidewalk snow and ice cases in Minneapolis using the City's interactive dashboard.

Garbage pickup reminder: shovel around your carts

Remember to shovel out your garbage, recycling and organics carts. If the collection crew cannot easily wheel your carts to the truck, they cannot empty them. Clear away snow or ice and the crew will empty your carts on your next collection day.

Please do not shovel snow into the alley or street as it makes collection more difficult for our crews, it makes maneuvering through alleys difficult for you and your neighbors, and it’s not allowed under City ordinance.

Fire reminder: shovel out your fire hydrant

A buried fire hydrant can cost firefighters valuable seconds. With more than 8,000 hydrants in Minneapolis, can you be a hero and help Minneapolis firefighters by clearing a 3-foot path around your nearest fire hydrant? Find your nearest hydrant.