Keep your water pipes from freezing this winter

November 18, 2022

Water in your service line can freeze during very cold winter weather and prevent it from getting to your faucets. This could happen when:

  • The depth of the frost reaches the depth of the service line.
  • Your basement is not heated where the water service line enters your home.

While water mains are maintained by the City, lines that bring the water from the mains into homes and other buildings are the responsibility of property owners. If your service line is frozen, you’ll need to contact a qualified contractor who specializes in thawing frozen service lines. Call 311 for information on contractors who do this type of work.

Most service lines are buried deep enough not to freeze in the winter. If your water service lines have not frozen in the past, they are unlikely to freeze now.

Tips to keep your pipes from freezing

Find more information on the City website including tips on preventing water lines from freezing.