'Luna' tops the lists for cat and dog names this year in Minneapolis

December 29, 2022
A smiling tan and white dog in a blue collar

2022 is a record adoption year at Minneapolis Animal Care & Control

The most popular name for pets licensed in Minneapolis in 2022 is “Luna” for both dogs and cats, according to end-of-the-year data from Minneapolis Animal Care & Control. The City’s animal welfare division also shattered its record of animal adoptions for a calendar year.

Of the approximate 11,000 dog and cat licenses opened in 2022, the following were the most popular pet names:

Most popular dog names

  1. Luna
  2. Bella
  3. Charlie
  4. Lucy
  5. Max

Most popular cat names

  1. Luna
  2. Milo
  3. Oliver
  4. Oscar
  5. Chloe

Animal Care & Control had 840 animal adoptions in 2022. That’s a 14% increase over 2019, which was the previous record year. Another 549 animals were transferred to rescue partners.

The community of animals available for affordable adoptions continually changes at Animal Care & Control. Adoptable animals are completely vaccinated, sterilized, micro-chipped and ready to go to your home.

840 pets adopted in 2022

  • 475 cats.
  • 340 dogs.
  • 14 birds.
  • 11 other animals.

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control accepts every animal regardless of health, age, breed or behavior. Staff are committed to providing humane care and always strive to do what is right for each animal in our care. When animals cannot be adopted by the general public, staff calls on the help of partner rescue groups and sanctuaries to help.

549 animals transferred to rescue groups in 2022

  • 244 cats.
  • 231 dogs.
  • 17 birds.
  • 57 other animals.

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control works with residents to create safe and healthy communities for people and animals. Its staff includes two veterinarians, three veterinary technicians, four animal care technicians and a dozen animal control officers who, among other things, rescue animals, enforce laws pertaining to animal welfare and investigate animal crimes. In addition to staff, volunteers spent more than 7,000 hours of their time working with animals at the shelter.

More information on adopting animals, volunteering and supporting Animal Care & Control is available on the City website.