City settles with a Jimmy John’s franchise to pay workers $17,382 owed under sick and safe time ordinance

September 14, 2021

The City of Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights has entered into a settlement agreement with a Jimmy John’s franchise located at 2317 18th Ave. NE, which ensured payment of $17,382 in back wages and penalties owed to 24 workers under the City’s sick and safe time ordinance. An investigation revealed almost no access to sick leave for workers at this location and will change that moving forward.

Training and education for both workers and management is also included in the settlement to ensure all parties understand their rights and responsibilities, especially during the pandemic. The City’s sick and safe time ordinance requires employers to provide some access to leave because working-while-sick endangers everyone.

Violations of the minimum wage ordinance can be reported by calling 311, filling out an online form or in person at City Hall, room 239.

To date, the City has recovered $353,020 for workers owed back wages and damages under the minimum wage and sick and safe time ordinances.

Enforcement of workers’ rights supports the City’s goals of stimulating inclusive economic growth by reducing economic and racial disparities. For more information about labor standards in Minneapolis, visit the City’s website.