Renters have a right to know the energy use and costs for their next apartment

December 7, 2021

An energy efficient home is more comfortable and costs less in energy bills

Renters now have a right to know the energy information and costs that come with their next apartment. Under a new City of Minneapolis rule, for apartment buildings with five or more units that are smaller than 50,000 square feet, property owners must provide building energy cost reports to potential renters when or before they apply. These reports can help renters learn which buildings have been more energy efficient and less costly so they can compare different housing options against each other and their budget.

Sample energy report

This example of an energy cost report shows what to expect from a property owner and how to use the information.

Cost and comfort

The benefits of a more energy efficient apartment are about paying less in monthly bills and being more comfortable. When the heat and electricity cost more, the renter pays more either directly in utility bills or indirectly through higher rent. And an energy efficient home should also be more comfortable to live in: warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Renters can find information by going to the City of Minneapolis website and searching for “rental energy costs” or by calling 311.