28th Ave. S Roosevelt High School

The City installed safety treatments near Roosevelt High School. This is a Safe Routes to School project.

Key information


2018 - 2019


28th Avenue South between 40th Street and 41st Street.


Safe Routes to School projects

For more information on other Safe Routes to School (SRTS) safety improvements, visit the Safe Routes to School program page.


Project background

Roosevelt High School was the 2019 focus area for the City's Safe Routes to School Program. This program supports the City's commitment to Vision Zero. Vision Zero is a policy to end all traffic deaths and severe injuries on Minneapolis Streets

Visit the Vision Zero page

To identify potential treatments

We collected data and engaged with Roosevelt

  • Staff
  • Students
  • The surrounding community

Project goals

The project goals included:

  • Create safer and shorter crossings for people walking and rolling
  • Improve safety and visibility for people crossing
  • Reduce motor vehicle speed and calm traffic
  • Make pedestrian crossings more predictable

Project scope

The project focused on pedestrian improvements.

As part of the Roosevelt High School - SRTS project:
We proposed safety improvements along 28th Ave S between 40th St E and 41st St E

Completed construction 

The proposal included:

  • Construction of two median refuge islands on 28th Ave S. We did this to
    • create safer, shorter crossings for people walking or rolling 
    • calm traffic
  • Removing some on-street parking on 28th Ave S.
  • Creating new parking areas south of the new medians and on side streets (40th St. E.)

The City and Roosevelt High School staff and students spoke to residents in the area. We did this to identify the improvements they wanted to see.

In summer 2019, Public Works constructed the project.

Project schedule


Spring 2018 - Winter 2018

Collect data and feedback from

  • Roosevelt students
  • Staff 
  • The surrounding neighborhood
Develop concepts

Winter 2018 - Winter 2019

Develop preliminary and final concept.

Construct project

Summer - Fall 2019

In summer 2019, Public Works constructed the project.


See the Roosevelt SRTS concept

For more information about the proposed concept, view the Roosevelt Safe Routes to School concept

Project phase

This project is complete.



In Progress


Contact us

Amy Barnstorff 

Transportation Planner
Public Works



Public Service Building
505 Fourth Avenue South, Room 410
Minneapolis, MN 55415