Lyndale Ave. North - 22nd Ave N to 40th Ave N

The project goal is to make it safer for pedestrians. Focus is on improving accessibility at intersections on Lyndale Ave N.

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Lyndale Avenue N, from 22nd Ave N to 40th Ave N.

Near-North Webber-Camden

Project overview

We plan to improve various intersections on Lyndale Ave. N. between 22nd Ave. N. and 40th Ave. N. in Minneapolis. 
Improvements include:
  • curb extensions
  • pedestrian crossing medians
  • upgraded traffic control devices and APS push buttons at 27th Ave. N.
  • new ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps
  • bus loading zones


Lyndale Ave. N. is an important street in North Minneapolis, especially for transit.
  • There are several schools, parks, and commercial areas along this street. 
  • Transit here allows residents access to the rest of the city.


Contact the construction engineer, David Juliff

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Traffic impacts

During construction, you will still have local access to homes, stores, and other places in the area. There may be times of temporary disruption. Pedestrians will still have access along and across the road throughout the project. At times, traffic might be directed by flaggers to help us complete the final tasks.

Project schedule

This project is nearly complete. Minor construction is anticipated late April or early May 2024. We do not expect any detours to occur this year, but there may be flaggers present while work is occurring. 

Stakeholders construction meeting

Construction is almost finished now. Weekly meetings with stakeholders are no longer happening. If you have any worries about the work still going on or if it's affecting how you can use the area, please reach out to one of our contacts below:

Project phase

This project is in progress. Completion is anticipated for early summer 2024.  



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Lyndale Ave N, 22nd to 40th
Lyndale Ave N, 22nd to 40th

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Nathan Kemmer

Project Engineer

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Nguyen Nguyen

Construction Engineer 
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