Grand Ave. S. reconstruction

The City plans to reconstruct the 2.24 miles of Grand Ave. S. between Lake St. W. and 48th St. W.

Key information


Spring 2021


Grand Ave. S. between Lake St. W. and 48th St. W.

Kingfield Lyndale Tangletown

Project overview

We will do a full replacement of the street, including pavement, curb and gutter. We'll also make safety enhancements and add greenery. And we'll check sidewalk and boulevard conditions and make any necessary improvements.
Project goals:
  • Improve the street condition
  • Make safety improvements that reduce crashes
  • Improve public transit connections and access for all users
  • Explore enhancements to greening and stormwater facilities
We conducted an online survey to gather feedback from residents who live and work in the area.

View the Grand Ave. S. online survey results

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Weekly stakeholder meeting

Weekly stakeholder meetings are currently on hold for the winter. We will hold meetings again when construction resumes in spring of 2022.

Project update recording

Project staff recorded an update on the design and timeline of the project. Watch the video to learn more.

Project phase

This project is currently in progress.



In Progress


Grand Ave S and West 38th St
Grand Ave. S. and 38th St. W.
Grand Ave S looking North toward Lake St. W.
Grand Ave. S. looking north toward Lake St. W.
Grand Ave S and 48th St.
Grand Ave. S. and 48th St. W.

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Beverly Warmka

Professional Engineer

Public Works



Peter Behnk

Construction Engineer
Public Works



Iskandar Umar

Chief Field Inspector
Public Works


612-368-5668 (cell)

612-673-3204 (office)

Dan Edgerton

Senior Project Planner (contractor)
Public Works