Cityview N. 4th St. Safe Routes to School

Info about updates near Cityview Community School on N. 4th St. This is a Safe Routes to School project.

Key information


2021 - 2023


4th St N between Lowry Ave N and 34th Ave N & 34th Ave N between Lyndale Ave N and 4th St N.


Project overview

  • The City plans to add traffic calming treatments to 4th St N and 34th Ave N near Cityview school.
  • Improvements will meet current and future needs and align with City policies. Relevant City policies include:
  • Potential traffic calming treatments may include:
    • Pedestrian median and refuge island
    • Curb bumpout
    • Stop sign
    • Speed bump
    • Traffic circle
    • Bike boulevard
    • Raised crossing

Safe Routes to School projects

For more information on other Safe Routes to School (SRTS) safety improvements, visit the Safe Routes to School program page.

Project goals

  • Make it safe, convenient, and fun for children to walk and bike to and from Cityview school.
  • Enhance bicycle and pedestrian networks and increase safety for all users.
  • Integrate traffic calming elements that reduce vehicle speeds next to Cityview school.

See the Cityview SRTS one-pager

For more information about the project concept, view the Cityview one-pager.
Cityview school area
Cityview school area 1
Cityview school area
Cityview school area 2
Cityview school area
Cityview school area 3

Project phase

This project is in progress.



In Progress


Contact us

Ryan Gottsleben

Project Engineer
Public Works



Office of Public Service


250 South 4th Street
5th Floor
Minneapolis, MN 55414


8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
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