Redistricting process and timeline

Learn how the City redraws the ward and park district maps in 2021-2022.


Every 10 years, the City changes the boundaries of election districts. These new districts have equal representation and reflect the most recent census data.

The Charter Commission and the appointed Redistricting Advisory Group work together to set the boundaries of the 13 council wards and six park districts.

Process documents

The Charter Commission and Redistricting Advisory Group made these documents to explain more about how the process works.

Article II of the Minneapolis Charter defines the City boundaries as established under law. 

Learn more about how the boundaries are defined

Learn about redistricting

Our video explains what it is an how it works. You can watch it in Hmoob, English, Somali or Spanish.

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2022 redistricting timeline

Step 1

The U.S. Census is completed and the state redraws its boundaries

The U.S. Census Bureau has delayed the release of 2020 census data until September 30, 2021. That means the City's redistricting process is delayed and the timeline compressed.

Read about the U.S. Census Bureau timeline

Step 2

The Redistricting Group prepares a draft

The Redistricting Group works with nonpartisan staff to draw maps based on census data

Step 3

Public input on draft maps

The Charter Commission holds at least four public hearings. At least two of these meetings will be after:

  • giving public notice of a draft plan or plans for at least seven days before each hearing; and
  • inviting comments from each neighborhood organization recognized by the City Council.

Find the meeting details in the City's Legislative Information Management System.

Step 4

Maps are finalized

The Redistricting Group revises the maps based on its review and feedback from the public.

Step 5

Public input on final maps

The Redistricting Group holds a public hearing for each of the the final maps.

Step 6

Final redistricting plans must be adopted by March 29, 2022

After the Charter Commission approves a ward map, the Commission files it with the City Clerk. The City Council cannot change these adopted ward boundaries. The Council then adopts new election precinct boundaries and polling places using the ward boundaries.

Under the Charter, the Redistricting Group must send proposed park district maps to the Park Board for review and comment before the last two public hearings. The Park Board cannot change the proposed park district boundaries. The Park Board must use the map adopted by the Charter Commission.

See Minnesota Statutes 204B.135, subd. 1

By law, the deadline for redistricting is March 29 — 19 weeks before the state primary.

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