You can use biochar to remove carbon from the air and put it into your soil.

Improving our soil and our climate

Biochar is a specialized charcoal created by heating wood up to 700 degrees. It helps the environment because it:

  • Acts as a sponge that holds nutrients and water in the soil
  • Pulls carbon out of the air and stores it in the soil for centuries

Less carbon in the air:

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions, the primary cause of climate change
  • Helps meet our climate action goals

More carbon in the soil:

  • Promotes plant growth
  • Makes plants more drought-resistant

See how your neighbors are adding biochar to their soil

Watch the YouTube video about Minneapolis' Biochar program

Our history

Since 2014, we've been working with partners to add biochar to our soil so we can:

  • Reduce the emissions that cause climate change
  • Prepare for the effects of climate change


Our partners

  • Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
  • Bloomberg Philanthropies
  • University of Minnesota
  • Natural Resource Research Institute
  • Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance

Contact us

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