Public Works training pathways

You can learn about our paid, hands-on training programs. Our programs build foundational skills for a successful career in Public Works.

Public Works trainee programs

Our trainee programs are paid, full time opportunities with traditional City benefits. We help you gain the experience and minimum qualifications for many Public Works positions.

How we hire trainees

We hire people through a competitive application process. 

Each trainee position differs in:

  • Length of the program
  • Qualifications

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Public Works internships

How internships differ from pathways

Our paid internships are for college or post-secondary students. 

Public Works internships help interns:

  • Gain work experience
  • Build their professional networks through hands on experiences.

This is different from a traditional pathway. There is no guarantee of a fulltime placement at the end of the internship. Although, each year we hire some interns as full-time staff.

Learn about Public Works internships

Public Works internships

Our paid internships help interns gain work experience. We also help our interns build professional networks.

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Monique Fish

Workforce Coordinator

Public Works