Using data dashboards

We define words used in the Police Department data dashboards.

Dashboard term definitions

Call dispositions are the codes that police units use to clear a call. The last primary police unit to leave the scene enters the call disposition.

The following are our call disposition codes and their meanings:

ADV – Advised Officers advised or warned the party they responded to. Used interchangeably with RPR - Reprimand/Release.
AOK – All OK When officers arrived, everything was okay at the scene. Used interchangeably with AQT – All Quiet.
AQT – All Quiet When officers arrived, everything was okay at the scene. Used interchangeably with AOK – All OK.
AST – Assist Officers assisted someone during the call. Used most frequently by assisting officers to clear a call.
BKG – Booking The call ended with officers booking the arrestee.
CNL – Cancel The reporting caller called back to cancel their request for police response.
DTX – Detox A person was taken to detox. Used interchangeably with TRN – Transport.
FAL – False The call was a false alarm.
FTC – Fail to Clear An officer did not send a disposition code to the dispatcher at the end of a call.
GOA – Gone on Arrival Officers were unable to find the suspect. Used interchangeably with UTL – Unable to Locate.
INF – Information An officer received a call that does not require a response. The call was informational.
INS – In-service Officers use this code to clear a call. They will still check the call while responding to another call.
MES – Message Left When officers arrived, no one was home so they left a calling card.
NOS – No Service When officers arrived, they did not provide service because the person officers responded to refused police service and assistance. Used interchangeably with RFD – Refused.
RFD – Refused When officers arrived, the person officers responded to refused police service and assistance. Used interchangeably with NOS – No Service.
RPR – Reprimand / Release Officers warned the party they responded to about a violation and released them. Used interchangeably with ADV – Advised.
RPT – Report Someone committed a crime, and officers took a report.
SCK – Sick A rarely used code, this can be used for helping EMS.
SEC – Secured Officers made a business check or received a burglary call, and they boarded up or secured a window or door.
SNT – Sent Officers told the offender to leave an area. For example, if a park is closed and kids are playing loudly past curfew, neighbors might call to complain. Officers will tell the kids to go home.
TAG – Tagged Officers issued a ticket.
TOW – Towed Used for a car accident or other incident where a car would need to be removed.
TRN – Transport Used when a person is sent by police to another location. Used interchangeably with DTX – Detox.
UNF – Unfounded Used when officers respond to a call and learn that the caller made a mistake or a reported incident didn't happen.
UTL – Unable to Locate Used when officers can't find the person they are responding to. Used interchangeably with GOA – Gone on Arrival.

Answers to common questions

What is the difference between MDC (mobile data computer) and non-MDC stops?

A mobile data computer (MDC) is a computer in a squad car.

  • MDC stops happen when an officer is working in a squad car.
  • Non-MDC stops happen when an officer is working a foot beat or on bike without access to an MDC.

Why are there such high numbers for "unknown" under race and gender?

When officers cannot find a suspect, they list the person's race and gender as "unknown."

Why do some of the data results say "**Not Collected"?

For part of the date range in your search, data was not tracked by the Minneapolis Police Department.

What is the difference between Pre-Stop Race and Race data?

  • Pre-Stop Race: Before interacting with a person, an officer may receive information about the person's race. That information could come from a resident calling 911 or another officer's observations.
  • Race: This is an officer's perception of a person's race after interacting with the person.

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