Minneapolis neighborhood household income dashboard

You can see the household incomes for each neighborhood.

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Minneapolis household income by neighborhood

How to use the dashboard

View the data

For best results:

  • View the dashboard in full screen.
  • Use Chrome or Firefox as your browser.

Read the data

Each page contains a map of the Minneapolis neighborhoods, along with many charts.  Use the controls to look at neighborhoods, and to compare different types and ranges of household income.

Click the button to select your desired dashboard:

  • Income range
  • Income types
  • $50,000 limit
  • Median income

Hover over the area in which you want to get more details.

Income range score

The income range page has a chart at the bottom that uses an income range score. This score examines the percentage of each income category in a neighborhood and compares it to the overall city percentages.

Search the data

Controls are located in the upper right of most pages. Controls are also located at the bottom of the Income Range and $50,000 limit pages.

Map controls

These controls let you choose income types and ranges.

Chart control

These controls let you pick a Minneapolis neighborhood to change the neighborhood charts.


Some pages allow you to filter data on both the neighborhood map and the charts. 

Charts with controls

  • The list at the bottom of the $50,000 limit dashboard has a separate filter. The filter allows you to change the neighborhoods included in the list based on the percent of households with <$50,000 in income.
  • The chart at the bottom of the income range page has a control on the chart to select neighborhoods to display.

Technical notes

Source of data

The data in this dashboard come from the U.S. Census Bureau. For additional information:

Income range score calculation

This score examines the percentage of each income range in a neighborhood and compares it to the overall city percentages.


  • For each income range category, the neighborhood percentage was subtracted from the city percentage.
  • The absolute value of each result was calculated.
  • The sum of all the results within a neighborhood is the neighborhood's score.

Understanding the income range score

The chart uses the income range score for both the x and y axis. This means the neighborhoods will all fall on a line.

  • Neighborhoods closer to the upper right of the chart have lower income range scores.
  • Neighborhoods closer to the lower left of the chart have higher income range scores. 

Lower scores

Indicates the percentages of a neighborhood’s income range categories more closely match the percentages of the city’s income range categories.

Identical score

If a neighborhood and the city have an identical income range composition, then the income range score will be zero.

Larger score

Indicates the neighborhood less closely matches the city.