311 Property complaint dashboard

You can view the past year of housing and commercial complaints sent to Regulatory Services.

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311 Property complaint dashboard

How to use the dashboard

View the data

For best results:

  • View the dashboard in full screen.
  • Use Chrome or Firefox as your browser.

Read the data


  • Enter all or part of the street address.
  • Press enter.
  • The addresses found will display.
     Note: If there are no results, enter the street number and the beginning of the street name
  • Use the navigation button in the header to get help or navigate to another view.

View the complaint details for a property

  • Locate the address that is the best match. Click it.
  • The property details will display.
  • You will see:
    • Status of each complaint
    • The number of issues for each status
    • Property overview

Status descriptions

The dashboard organizes complaints according to the following status:

  • Waiting for follow up: The complaint has been submitted and will be referred to a Regulatory Services inspector. 
  • No issues found: The complaint was investigated, and no housing or commercial code violations were found, or the issue was resolved before or at inspection without a violation being issued.
  • Found issues to be fixed: The complaint resulted in a violation. Details include all violations found during the complaint inspection.

Click the number in a category for more information.

Click the button to see the full violations dataset.  There you can view all violations issued at the property from complaints and other inspections.

Property overview and details

The information includes:

  • Property overview
  • Property type
  • Council ward
  • Neighborhood
  • Rental
  • Rental tier

Additional information

When you return to your original search results, an address may be highlighted in blue.  Click once to unselect and click again to navigate to the information.

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