Records Management

We oversee enterprise management of official records. We also operate the Records Centers and maintain the City Archives.

Our purpose

  • Develop and maintain retention schedules that identify classifications of records and retention time periods
  • Manage the City's compliance with State law that relates to public access and privacy protection of paper and electronic records
  • Operate the City Records Centers and coordinate destruction of records when retention time periods have expired
  • Maintain the historical collection of records in the City Archives

City Records Center

Inactive records from City departments are stored in two City Records Centers. Approximately 26,000 boxes can be stored. While many of these documents are public records, they can only be obtained via a request from the department that originally sent them to the Record Center for storage.


Historic City documents are kept in the Archives. The Archives are not currently open to the public for research. 

The following types of materials can be found:

  • City directories dating back to 1879 – These are a comprehensive listing of residents and businesses in the City; the directories list occupations for many residents.
  • Building and housing survey from 1933-34 – The survey lists details including when each house was built, general condition of the structure, and the owner and residents.
  • A variety of City reports
  • Photographs

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