Information Governance

We oversee organization of records and information assets for the City. We coordinate responses to requests for information and support open data initiatives. We also offer office solution services.

Records Management

  • Develops and maintains of retention schedules that identify classifications of records and retention time periods
  • Manages the City's compliance with State law that relates to public access and privacy protection of paper and electronic records
  • Operates the City Records Centers and coordinates destruction of records when retention time periods have expired
  • Maintains the historical collection of records in the City Archives

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Data Practices

  • Manages requests for City information under the Minnesota Data Practices Act
  • Responds to challenges and appeals related to requests for information
  • Supports department efforts to provide responsive data for requests
  • Collaborates with enterprise partners to provide public data openly on the website

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Document Solution Center

  • Facilitates City printing, copying, shredding, and paper recycling
  • Collates and binds printed documents for presentation and distribution
  • Utilizes high-speed, advanced equipment for recreation of the City’s printed materials
  • Translates information from digital to print, and vice-versa, for duplication and preservation

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Information Governance



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