Levy impact estimator

Use this interactive tool to see the impact of levy changes on City taxes.

How to use this tool

Purpose of tool

  • You can use this tool to estimate the impact of levy changes to Minneapolis taxpayers.
  • It shows projections for 2023 compared to actuals for 2022.
  • All projections are estimates, not final calculations.

Parts of the tool

Grey filter at the top

Use the filters in the grey bar at the top of the page to sort by:

  • Property type
  • Ward
  • Levy change scenario

City ward map on the left

The map shows the projected tax impact by City ward.

  • The darker the green, the greater the tax increase.
  • The darker the gray, the greater the tax decrease.

Estimated market value and taxes table on the top right

This table shows projected changes to estimated market values and City taxes.

From left to right:

  • Column 1 – Percentile
  • Column 2 – Dollar amount of estimated market value for current tax year;  last year's actual amount in small font below it
  • Column 3  – Projected percentage of change in estimated market value (EMV)
  • Column 4  – Projected taxes for the current tax year; last year's actual amount in small font below it
  • Column 5  – Projected dollar amount of tax change over the previous year.

Bar chart on the bottom right

This gives a visual of how many parcels may see:

  • Tax decreases
  • Tax increases by percentage

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Levy Impact Estimator