About Ward 10

Located in central Minneapolis, Ward 10 is a vibrant place to live, work and play. We have great neighborhoods, unique shops, and excellent restaurants, theaters and music venues.
Minneapolis Ward 10 with neighborhoods and bordering streets

Ward 10, or Uptown, named after another famous and prosperous district of that name in Chicago. It is an electric part of the city made up of many trendy restaurants, bars, coffee shops, small boutiques and small businesses. Shopping in uptown is a unique experience. Ward 10 has a wide variety of housing options; from vintage Victorian homes built by famous architects to the smallest micro apartment units.

Home to the famous Uptown Art Fair, Lagoon Theatre and funky art scene. The Uptown vibe is famous and includes bragging rights as the place Prince started his career. With a popular Transit Center, bike-friendly roads and walkability, it is no wonder Uptown is a draw for residents and tourists alike.

Neighborhoods in Ward 10

  • East Bde Maka Ska
  • East Isles
  • Lowry Hill East
  • South Uptown
  • Whittier