General tab

We use the general tab for each page to create the breadcrumb title and the friendly URL.

What to know

The general tab (general section) contains two key fields:


  • The breadcrumb comes from the page name, so the page name should be brief and in title case. Title case means the first letter of each word should be capitalized except for necessary prepositions, the word “or” and articles such as “the."
  • The page name can use commas, if necessary.
  • The page name should use & in place of the word “and."

URI (friendly URL)

  • The URI should be all lowercase and have hyphens between each word.
  • The URI cannot contain commas, ampersands or other punctuation.

Example page name and URI

Page name: Garbage, Recycling & Cleanup

URI: garbage-recycling-and-cleanup