Trees need an inch of water every week

June 15, 2023

Trees – especially young trees – need watering any time it doesn’t rain an inch in a week.

Yard and boulevard trees need at least an inch of water every week all through the summer-fall season. Watering is especially important for the first three years after planting a tree. Lack of water can make trees vulnerable to insects and disease and cause permanent damage. The Park Board plants boulevard trees, relying on residents to water them.

An effective way to water a tree is to run a garden hose at a slow trickle, placed at least 6 inches from the tree trunk for a few hours. Watering in the evening works best because the water evaporates less, and trees tend to take in most of their water during the night.

Share this video and spread the word about helping our urban forest

Healthy trees are an important part of our quality of life in Minneapolis, but they need our help. This video covers some of the benefits of our urban forest and how we can help.

For information on tree care and the urban forest, call the Park Board’s Forestry Department at 612-313-7710, email or visit its website.