Dispose of fireworks, ashes properly to avoid damage

June 30, 2023

People using fireworks, grilling or having recreational fires this holiday weekend should make sure to dispose of the materials safely. Improper disposal can melt garbage carts and even start fires.


Non-explosive fireworks are legal in Minneapolis. Examples include sparklers, cones, tubes that spark, snakes and party poppers. Enjoy the Fourth of July fireworks and know how to dispose of them after celebrations.

  • Always soak fireworks with water and/or wait for them to completely cool before bagging them and putting them in your garbage cart. Although the tubes may be made of a cardboard-like material and the sparklers are metal, they should not be put in your recycling cart.
  • Paper boxes that sparklers and snakes come in may be placed in your recycling cart. Plastic wrap that comes around boxes should be placed in the garbage.


  • Spray ashes from your grill or backyard fire pit with water and let them cool for 24 hours before double bagging and putting them in your garbage cart.
  • Double bagging is required to keep ashes from getting in the eyes of collection crews if a bag happens to break.

Composting facilities do not accept ashes because of chemicals in the wood that may have been burned.