Water main cleaning and lining

The City upgrades select water main pipes each year.

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Program overview

Every year, the City cleans and lines some of its water main pipes by removing rust from the pipes and installing a high-quality lining.

These updates help:

  • prevent future rust
  • extend the life of the pipes
  • improve the look and flow of water through the pipes

We choose water pipes for cleaning and lining based on City inspections.

Water fees fund the project. Residents pay water fees with their monthly utility bill. The cost is not assessed to your property.

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Temporary water mains

  • The water main must be empty to complete the work. 
  • Therefore, each building connected to the water main being worked on, is given a temporary water line.
  • We test the water in the temporary lines throughout the project to make sure that the water meets drinking water standards.

This year's water main projects

We provide detailed maps of this year's water main project locations.

Project phase

This project is ongoing.



In Progress


Public Works working on a downtown pipe lining project
Pipe lining being installed
Crews work on pipe lining project
Pipe lining
While water mains cleaning project is being completed, temporary water supply lines are connected to each property
Temporary water supply lines

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