Sewer pipe lining (CIPP)

Every year, the City relines sewer pipes in select locations.

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Program overview

The City continually monitors sewer pipes throughout the city and repairs cracks and leaks as needed. To reline the inside of pipes, we use a process called cured-in-place pipe lining, which allows us to delay replacement for up to 50 years. The process takes one to three days to complete.

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2022 locations and dates


Street FromToDate
54th St E 37th Ave S 38th Ave S 5/12/22-5/13/22
Edmund Blvd 34th St E 36th St E 5/16/22-5/20/22
42nd Ave S 43rd St E 44th St E 5/23/22-5/24/22
Boardman Ave 34th Ave S 38th Ave S 5/25/22-5/27/22
15th Ave NE California St NE Main St NE 5/31/22
37th Ave S 57th St E 56th St E 6/1/22-6/2/22
46th St W Upton Ave S Lake Harriet  6/3/22
Emerald St  University Ave SE Orlin Ave 6/7/22
Emerald St Orlin Ave Franklin Ave SE 6/8/22-6/10/22
14th Ave NE 4th St NE University Ave NE 6/13/22
36th Ave S 55th St E 56th St E 8/1/22
56th St E 36th Ave S 37th Ave S 8/2/22
Queen Ave N Osseo Rd 44th Ave N 8/3/22
Thomas Ave N Victory Memorial Pkwy Osseo Rd 8/4/22-8/5/22
Belmont Ave Valley View Rd Nicollet Ave S 8/8/22
10th Ave S 39th St E 38th St E 8/9/22-8/10/22
Xerxes Ave S 52nd St W 53rd St W 8/11/22-8/12/22
Chowen Ave S 51st St W 50th St W 8/15/22-8/16/22
32nd Ave S Mondamin St  54th St E 8/17/22
York Ave S Minnehaha Creek 53rd St W 8/18/22-8/19/22
Oakland Ave S 46th St E 45th St E 8/22/22
44th St W Harriet Ave S Grand Ave S 8/23/22
Lyndale Ave S 49th St W 50th St W 8/24/22
Franklin Ave W Humboldt Ave S Fremont Ave S 8/25/22-8/26/22
38th Ave S 56th St E 55th St E 8/29/22
55th St E 38th Ave S 40th Ave S 8/30/22
55th St E 41st Ave S 42nd Ave S 8/31/22
39th Ave S 56th St E 55th St E 9/1/22
58th St E 44th Ave S 45th Ave S 9/2/22
40th Ave S 54th St E 53rd St E 9/6/22
25th St E 33rd Ave S 32nd Ave S 9/7/22
Ewing Ave S Cedar Lake Ave 28th St W 9/8/22-9/9/22
46th Ave S 58th St E 57th St E 9/12/22
Morgan Ave S 60th St W 61st St W 9/13/22-9/14/22
44th Ave S 55th St E 54th St E 9/15/22-9/19/22
Boardman Ave S 34th Ave S 38th Ave S 9/20/22

Please note: more locations are shown on the map and will be detailed with dates when finalized. 


Traffic impacts

Traffic impact is minimal.

Projects are funded from sewer fees which all residents pay with their monthly utility bill. The cost is not assessed to your property.

Water impacts

  • Please limit your water use when the crews are working on your block.
  • Normal bathing and cooking is fine, but you can help us by putting off tasks like laundry and watering in the lawn.

Project phase

This is an annual program.



In Progress


Public Works crews work to line pipe to repair existing sewer pipes
Contractor with a large pipe liner in the street.

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