Sabo Bridge lower anchorage repairs

The City will repair part of Sabo Bridge in South Minneapolis.

Key information




Pedestrian bridge over Hiawatha Ave., just south of 26th St. E. in South Minneapolis

East Phillips Longfellow

Project overview

  • The bridge was constructed in 2007 and consisted of a main tower with cables extending to anchor blocks on the west end of the bridge and to anchorage points in the concrete deck on the east span of the bridge.
  • There are eight (8) anchorage points on the sides of the deck and one in the center of the deck. These anchorage points are numbered 1 through 9, from closest to the tower at number 1 to furthest at number 9.
  • During inspection in 2020 it was noted that anchorage points 8 and 6, on either side of the bridge, were experiencing spalling and corrosion.
  • Following testing’s and investigations of the entire bridge the city will proceed with the repair process to the lower anchorages.

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Project phase

This project is currently in progress.



In Progress


View of the pedestrian bridge from below
View of the pedestrian bridge from the side
View of the paved bikeway on top of the pedestrian bridge

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Petru Vizoli

Project Engineer
Public Works