Queen Ave. N. bicycle boulevard

We built a four-mile bicycle boulevard along Queen Ave. N. between 44th Ave. N. and Bassett’s Creek Trail.

Key information


Starting 2021


Queen Ave. N. between Osseo Rd. and Bassett Creek Trail

Cleveland Jordan Victory Willard-Hay

Project overview

The Queen Ave. N. Bicycle Boulevard project spans 38 blocks and 40 intersections. We will make may improvements along the way.


Most blocks are two-way streets with parking on both sides.

  • We'll add bike signs and markings while keeping two-way traffic and most parking.

Seven blocks between Golden Valley Road and Olson Memorial Highway have one-way streets for northbound traffic.

  • We're exploring how to accommodate southbound bike traffic in this area.

Traffic calming

We'll install traffic calming at many locations to encourage:

  • Encourage safer vehicle speeds
  • Stop cuts through traffic

Parks and schools

To determine routing around parks and schools, we're working with:

  • Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
  • Minneapolis Public Schools 

Crossing improvements on busy streets

We plan to install crossing improvements on the busiest streets.

Improvements include:

  • Curb bump outs
  • Pedestrian safety islands
  • Short trail connections

Busy streets include:

  • Osseo Rd.
  • Dowling Ave. N.
  • Lowry Ave. N.
  • West Broadway Ave. N.
  • Golden Valley Rd.*
  • Plymouth Ave. N.*
  • Olson Memorial Hwy.*
  • Glenwood Ave. N. 

*We'll coordinate crossing improvements with upcoming projects on these streets.

Project schedule

2019 — Developed project layout and received input on:

  • Traffic calming locations
  • Crossing improvements
  • Bikeway designs

2020 — Presented design to City Council for approval

2021 — Begin construction and open completed boulevard

Previous meetings

Virtual stakeholder kickoff meeting - April 28, 2022

  • See the video recording of the virtual stakeholders kickoff meeting which occurred on April 28, 2022. The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the project and receive feedback on the project design and answer questions from the public.

Watch the virtual stakeholders kickoff meeting

Project phase

This project is complete.



In Progress


Queen Ave. N. and Plymouth intersection
Queen Ave. N. and Plymouth intersection
Queen Ave. N. and Golden Valley Rd. intersection
Queen Ave. N. and Golden Valley Rd. intersection
Queen Ave. N. and 17th Ave. N. intersection
Queen Ave. N. and 17th Ave. N. intersection

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Senior Professional Engineer
Public Works