Pavement Condition Data Collection

The City is collecting data on pavement condition using an automated data collection van.

Key information


2021 - 2024


2021 – North Minneapolis and Downtown 2022 – Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis 2023 – Southwest Minneapolis 2024 – South Minneapolis


Project overview

We collect pavement condition data by driving an automated data collection van along the street.

This project is broken into four phases. It will take four years to complete. Each year we will collect data in a different section of Minneapolis. See the attached map to see when the van is coming to your neighborhood.

Pavement condition data collection quadrants map

We will use data collected to prioritize pavement reconstruction and rehabilitation projects, ensuring that we service pavements that are in the most need sooner. We will also scan sections of City-maintained park trails.

Project phase

This project is currently in progress.



In Progress


Truck with equipment on front driving along a city street
Van with equipment on front and top driving along a city street

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Chris DeDene

Materials Engineer
Public Works