Monroe St. NE safety improvements

The City will install non-permanent safety treatments, mainly using paint and bollards. These treatments will help the City prevent severe injuries and deaths from traffic crashes. This is a Vision Ze

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Monroe St. NE between Broadway St. NE and Lowry Ave N.

Holland Logan Park

Vision Zero projects

For more information on other Vision Zero safety improvements, visit the Vision Zero projects page.

Project overview

The Vision Zero Capital Program will install cost-effective safety improvements.

Safety improvements will consist of treatments that have

  1. Proven effective at ending crashes
  2. Encourage safer driving behaviors

These improvements intend to provide a similar user experience as

  • Curb extensions
  • Medians
  • Lane narrowing

Monroe St. final board

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Project phase

This project is in the design phase.



In Progress


Monroe existing street conditions
Monroe existing street conditions

Vision Zero

We can work together to prevent severe injuries and deaths from traffic crashes.

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Amy Morgan

Associate Transportation Planner
Public Works