Midtown Greenway Resurfacing

The City is resurfacing 2.6 miles of the Midtown Greenway between Burnham Trail and 5th Ave. S.

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Midtown Greenway between Burnham Trail and 5th Ave. S.

Cedar-Isles-Dean East Isles Lowry Hill East Philips West Whittier

Project overview

We are resurfacing 2.6 miles of the Midtown Greenway between Burnham Trail and 5th Ave. S.

As part of resurfacing projects, we replace the top layer of asphalt. This will extend the life of the trail and improve the surface quality for bikers and pedestrians. We will also assess what other minor safety improvements can be made to the trail.

About the Midtown Greenway

The Midtown Greenway is the City's busiest bike trail. This segment of the Midtown Greenway:

  • directly serves the Phillips West, Whittier, Lowry Hill East, East Isles, Cedar-Isles-Dean, and Calhoun West neighborhoods
  • passes through largely residential areas with some mixed-use areas
  • directly serves a community that is above the regional average for population in poverty or population of color

Project goals

The goals of this project include:

  • Improve safety for all users
  • Improve ride quality
  • Invest in and benefit the surrounding community


We are partnering with Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority on this project. HCCRA owns the land within the Midtown Greenway corridor.

Reported crashes

There was one bicycle crash reported along the corridor within the five years of available data (2011-2015). There were no pedestrian or auto-only crashes along the corridor in the same period.

The low crashes are likely due to the majority of the corridor being grade separated, with the exception of 4 low volume streets.

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Traffic impacts

There will be some trail closures. See the planned closures below.

Phase 1 trail closure

Phase 2 trail closure

Phase 3 trail closure

Crack sealing under traffic

  • week of September 13, 2021
  • Either the left or right side of trail will be closed for this work, but the trail will remain open to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Phase 4: Full closure of Phases 1, 2, and 3

Project phase

This project is in the construction phase.



In Progress


Two-way bike and pedestrian trail from above
Two-way bike and pedestrian trail from ground level

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Chris DeDene

Materials Engineer
Public Works